Modern dentistry allows us to combine beauty and strength when filling teeth. Composite resins and other modern materials mean dentists can perform restorations that retain most of a tooth’s original strength and appearance. The patient’s comfort during fillings is always our dental team’s main priority.

Fillings (restorations) are used to replace tooth structure that is damaged from fractures or decay. Caries (cavities) can be detected through direct observation or x-rays.

To begin, we will remove the decay and shape the tooth so the filling will adhere to the tooth and blend in. The next step is to place a composite-resin filling material into the cavity prep, and set it with a curing light. The final step is to polish the filling to adapt it smoothly to the natural shape of the tooth.

Composite fillings offer very aesthetic restorations because they come in a variety of shades that can match almost any tooth.

In some instances, the cavity or fracture may be too large to restore with a filling. In that case, we will recommend an inlay or an onlay (partial crown). These restorations are designed to replace more tooth structure. Such restorations are made in a dental laboratory after we have taken an impression of your prepared tooth. The final placement of the inlay or onlay will be made during a second visit at the dental office.

Fillings do not last forever—they can crack or simply wear down—so it is essential that you visit us regularly for further examinations. We can monitor the integrity of your fillings during regular exams, and will recommend replacing a filling if a problem is detected.

Here we have a cavity that has destroy a part of the tooth. The cavity is removed with a drill and the site is prepared. Note that this preparation is smaller than the other methods of tooth restoration.

The preparation has a diverging share towards the openong. A resin material is placed and packed in the prepared site. the resin is then polished with polishing burs.

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